Oakley M Frame sunglasses were part of my standard "kit"


Oakley’s Biggest Fans: This Is Their Story…

Lance from Texas:

Q: How long have you been an Oakley fan?

A: I have been exclusively wearing Oakleys, both personally and professionally for over two decades. The majority of my military career was spent in special operations. Oakley “M Frames” glasses were part of my standard kit. When I flew in the day I wore them instead of using my dark helmet visor. The visual acuity was just better, and when beads of sweat would drip from my forehead and collect on the pronounced ridge above my [as yet unseparated] eyebrow there was no drama. Unobtainium kept the glasses secured to my noggin right where I wanted them. My “M Frames” and I took the gospel of Oakley all over the world. I snatched up a pair of your earliest assault boots and never looked back. My Oakleys never failed to deliver.


Alfonzo Cubias


February 01, 2009

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