When I get someone a gift, I get them Oakley


Oakley’s Biggest Fans: This Is Their Story…

Christian from Florida:

Q: When was the Ah-Ha moment when you pledged your Oakley allegiance?

A: My first Oakley M-frame Sunglasses lasted about a year and a half before I broke them while diving headfirst for a fly ball in the outfield of a baseball game. I called Warranty and was told to send them in to “be checked”. A few weeks later I received a brand new frame. That was my ah-ha moment. Here was a company that was standing behind their product a lengthy amount of time after the “warranty” had expired. To this day, I have never worn any other sunglasses. I currently have about a dozen pair of glasses and five timepieces. And I own the Pro-M array for my sports ventures. I have given away several pair of glasses to friends and family as well. When I look to get someone a gift for Christmas or a birthday, I always look to get them a pair of Oakley Sunglasses.


Alfonzo Cubias


February 01, 2009

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