I have influenced the decisions of hundreds of people with Oakley


Oakley’s Biggest Fans: This Is Their Story…

Dave in Florida:

Q: How long have you been an Oakley fan?

A: 30+ years. I started as a BMXer, working at a large and very popular bike shop on Long Island in the late 70s. It continued throughout the 80s as I worked as an instructor and then Camp Director at Woodward Action Sports Camp in Pa., yes, the awesome X-Games training facility! I became involved in MTN. bike racing, triathlon, marathon and adventure racing, all while keeping Oakley and their products very interlaced in my life. When I was married and started a family, same script – “Oakley this, Oakley that!” I have lived for many years chasing the Oakley lifestyle. It continues today as healthy as ever Your brand is both “pervasive” and “infectious” in my life, two words most marketing departments would not soon approve of for general release, but it is all true. I have personally influenced the decisions of hundreds of people with my explanations of Oakley products and use of them myself over three decades. I may be your best evangelist currently not on the payroll, and I love it! Each day involves Oakley “something-or-other”, be it eyewear, wallets, shoes, boots, apparel, swimwear, luggage, computer bags, snow outerwear, goggles, the list goes on. It’s safe to say “I’m on board”.


Alfonzo Cubias


February 01, 2009

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