My answer :) That's OAKLEY


Oakley’s Biggest Fans: This Is Their Story…


Q: What is your most beloved Oakley possession?

A: Where does one start! To define my most beloved is to choose one item from many and that can’t/shouldn’t be done! Every piece in my 250+ item collection is beloved and treasured. But in saying that I do have items that stand out above others; The Timebomb – a classic Oakley piece. The Minute Machine (aka: Time Tank) as successor to the Timebomb, a watch that screams and stands for attention, all the while telling time. The Oakley Juliet and the XX X-metal sunglasses, for breaking convention. But the piece that stands out above all is my Oakley MEDUSA, for just being! Being so wild in imagination, so elegant in design, so blatantly impractical, and so desirable that despite cost and availability I just had to get one; never to use, but to admire and to put a smile on my face when people ask why? My answer :-) That’s OAKLEY


Alfonzo Cubias


February 01, 2009

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