I haven't worn another brand of sunglasses since


Oakley’s Biggest Fans: This Is Their Story…

Spencer from Pennsylvania:

Q:What was your first Oakley experience?

A: Date: April 1989. Place: Western Michigan University Bernhard Center Story. I had spent an evening studying at WMU’s Student Center, getting prepared for final exams at the end of my freshman year. As I was climbing the steps from the basement level to the main level, I saw a pink bag on one of the steps. I picked it up for further examination and found a beautiful pair of Oakley Frogskin sunglasses in Matte black with violet Iridium. It was late, so not many people were using the facilities at that time of night. I posted a flyer the next day mentioning the found sunglasses with my phone number, but no calls came in. My roommate had a brother who lived in California who told me that these were pretty expensive sunglasses. I haven’t worn another brand of sunglasses since.


Alfonzo Cubias


February 01, 2009