Oakley's Latest Runway Success at Olympus Fashion Week


Inspired yet again by the ever-talented Oakley Design team, stylist Michael Angel masterfully blended a collection of technical and lifestyle, with over-the-top branded design pieces. Sunwear, goggles and accessories rounded out the look creating a well-styled, energetic presentation that brought together a tent full of fashions finest – editors, stylists, writers, celebrities, buyers and NY socialites. The theme was Physics Elevated to an Art Form and that he certainly did deliver. “The idea was to come to the tents the second time around and for it to be all about a Branding message,” Angel said “and to make us look authentic in our sport categories.” The message was certainly delivered and the press would agree. Read on to learn more about who attended, what they thought and for images of Oakley at Olympus Fashion Week in Bryant Park, Fall 06.

Creative director Michael Angel’s latest collection is a testament to the company’s mad-scientist ethic – his tech-meets-style lineup for fall was strong, sexy and functional all at once.

- Women’s Wear Daily
VIP Scene: Nicky Hilton and Brandon Davis huddled in a conversation at the Oakley after-party at Marquee in New York City.

- Us Weekly
Gaga for Goggles: Kimberly Stewart and her little sister Ruby, both in lacy Primp dresses, were among the front-row admirers at the second runway show for sunglass designer Oakley.

- OK! Magazine
If there were anything remotely X-Treme about our staid city lifestyle, let us say for the record that Oakley would be the first ones we’d enlist to outfit us.

- papermag.com
Lots of cute thermals, printed board shorts, and snow pants…

- Entertainment Weekly
Oakley’s creative director, Michael Angel, should get an award for managing to style camouflage parkas, rash guards and tank tops into a tough-girl Lara Croft look, and showing a trend that L.A. could really get behind: board shorts worn over opaque black tights with wedge heels. From the coast to the club in no time.

- Los Angeles Times
The collection was almost exclusively black, white and grey, which added even more edge to this blend of sports and punk.

- papierdoll.net
The refreshing line featured an edgy, daring and even sexy range of looks.

- meniscuszine.com
Oakley started in 1975 with surf, skate and snowboarders but has clearly expanded beyond that base. Their sunglasses now incorporate mp3 players and Bluetooth technology.

- George Whipple
The Oakley show was a futuristic fantasy, filled with kick-ass style! Long leggy models, sporting severe ponytails and look-at-me sunglasses, strode the runway like gazelles, driven by the pulsating beat of a smashing sound track. The line has a tough, unrelenting “I own the world attitude,” as in, “I just got out of bed and put on the thousands of dollars worth of clothing that just happened to be on the chair and I always look gorgeous, so get over it,” kind of attitude.

The outfits had a Euro-Trash-goes-snowboarding-with-Mad-Max aesthetic. And the sunglasses…well Oakley has a real winner on their hands with their sunglasses. They are going to be seen everywhere and I just have to have them.

This is definitely a line that will stalk the streets of Soho this fall.

-Wendy R. Williams of newyorkcool.com