At my local pub, I'm the “Oakley guy”


Oakley’s Biggest Fans: This Is Their Story…

Nik in Kansas:

Q: When was the Ah-Ha moment when you pledged your Oakley allegiance?

A: On a Sunday In February of 2005, I was goofing around on the Internet and stumbled across the O Review ( ). I spent the next 11 hours reading the whole site and every word on the Forum. At that point I think I had about 6 pairs of sunglasses, but had been more focused on the other things: clothing, accessories, etc… I already had the love and passion for Oakley and somehow knew there had to be others out there like me. My friends and family at that time just really couldn’t understand my fascination. Let me tell you – finding that O Review catalog and truly being able to see everything that Oakley offered completely opened my eyes. That and finding this website of all these crazy people that had the same passion I had – something in me just snapped. It literally changed my life and my families as well as my friends and extended family. My number one convert is my wife, who is very much into fashion and all that. She’s up to about 18 pairs of sunglasses now and is totally in love with the clothing. She’s particularly thrilled with the constant change in Oakley fashion with the seasons. All my friends now wear Oakley, both my boys and even my father-in-law at 65 is now hooked. When I visit Clients, I’m never without Oakley clothing and always my RazrWires. I’ve had multiple clients call me up for advice on getting a new pair of Oakley’s. In the gym, I’m the guy that wears his sunglasses while he works out (Oakley Thumps). At my local pub – I’m the “Oakley guy” and often have random strangers come up and ask me about Oakley and what pair of sunglasses would be best for them.


Alfonzo Cubias


February 01, 2009

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