Buffalove Urban Shred

O Lab Crew, Urban Session

Recently the O Lab crew made the drive cross country from Winter X Games 13 in Aspen, CO to Red Bull Snowscrapers in NYC. Along the way the ‘Sputnik’ crew decided to take a pit stop in Buffalo, NY. After driving over 2000 miles straight we figured it was a good opportunity to stop and recharge, but also to sample some of the east coasts best urban shred spots. With a little help and hospitality from my old college buddy and Buffalo native son Joe Sievert, we were geared up and cruising the city scoping out potential rails, ledges, and drops to session.

We decided to park and further examine a spot that looked like an abandoned community pool. Not only was the entire pool filled with snow, there was a 30 ft single barrel slightly down sloped handrail leading to it. Not to mention perfect roof drop choices, and a snowdrift mini-cornice at the opposite end of the pool. In other words we found a big kids winter playground and mother nature had done most of the work for us! We frothed that spot for the next day and a half, first until sundown and then back at first light. I’m not going to reveal where the pool is but you should be able to figure it out based on the photos. i will say however that if you do go to make sure you are not there while the streetlights are on, keep it to the day time and you’ll thank me later.

So thanks Buffalove for offering up some of your urban shred bounty, and allowing us to let loose for a couple days while we’re ‘east bound and down’. Also a huge thanks goes to my friend Joe for offering up his house for us to stay over the weekend. So everyone else out there keep an eye for the Rolling O Lab because we could be coming to your spot next…PEACE!