Mountain Bike Vs. Tram Tracks


Sue Young knows that taking tram tracks at 25km/h can be a tricky business. And sometimes, the tracks win.

“I was out riding my mountain bike when I came across the tracks – next thing I knew, the bike slid (out) from under me.”

She landed heavily on the right side of her head.

“I received six stitches on my upper eye and substantial bruising.”

But when Sue checked her Radar™ sunglasses, she was pleasantly surprised.

“They had some scratching on the frame and the side of the lens, but they stayed on the whole time and didn’t break or shatter.”

She’s a tough one, that Sue Young.

“I can live with a couple of scratches – I would not be happy losing the sight of one eye. So this is a huge thank you for making such a damn fine product.”


Newbear Lesniewski


January 30, 2009

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