Tribute To A Fallen Soldier


Friends and family describe him as “awesome.”

His mother: “He had the biggest heart and the willingness to always help others.”

Cpl. Ryan D. Collins loved his job. He was only 20 years old making the ultimate sacrifice – he was killed in action on May 19, 2007 in Hamiyah, Iraq.

“My son loved what he was doing in the Army. He wanted to make a career of it because he felt his calling was to help those who could not help themselves.”

Ryan enjoyed helping others so much that he had recently given up his scheduled leave from duty. He was less than two weeks away from coming home when his family received the news of his death.

“I’m sharing this story because Ryan loved his sunglasses and military boots. We have many pictures of our son styling his Oakleys, so you can see that your products will always be a part of our son’s life – and his death.”

The pictures display Ryan’s smile, his love for children and his desire to look good no matter what the conditions were. The sunglasses hide his big brown eyes, but his passion for people shines through.

“We received a small package only two days after his death that included a pair of Oakley sunglasses he never got to wear. We encased that pair of glasses, the picture and the medals we received from the military.”

When Ryan’s family received his belongings, they came across a pair of military boots.

“We will have those forever, to remember the MANY miles our son walked on this earth. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and we will never forget him.”

Neither will we. May he rest in peace with all of his fallen soldiers.


Newbear Lesniewski


January 28, 2009