Summer Slice: Golfer Protected Tee To Green


Last summer, Shea Hubanks received an up-close lesson in high-velocity blunt force trauma.

“I was struck in the eye by a golf ball that had sliced from the tee.”

Luckily, she was wearing her Oakley Fives® 3.0 sunglasses. As a result, she also received a lesson in Impact Protection.

“Despite an eye laceration (from the ball), my sunglasses did not break, shatter, splinter or send shards of plastic into my eye.”

She’s had two pairs of Oakleys over the years and cannot imagine owning anything else.

“I’m unable to express the depth of gratitude I feel, that I did not lose my eye or any vision whatsoever.”

Shea was emphatic about one more thing: she doesn’t wear makeup – and none was used in any of the pictures. As usual, they tell the story.


Newbear Lesniewski


November 24, 2008

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