• The Hunt for Bin Laden: Oakley Takes Spotlight in “Zero Dark Thirty” Film, Real-Life Military Partnership Highlighted


    Posted over 1 year ago by Andrew De Lara

    It’s a known fact. The U.S. Navy Seals trust Oakley. The World’s most elite military fighting force has been working hand in hand with the Big O’s military division for years now – developing the most bleeding-edge protective equipment for the Seals through field research & development. So it’s no surprise that the latest reality-based film in Hollywood to shed light on their super secretive, incredible work, would also place Oakley in the spotlight. Zero Dark Thirty, which traces the footsteps of military and intelligence operates over the past decade in their quest to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, features O protective/performance eyewear (Oakley Fast Jacket) throughout the film.

  • “Knocked Up” Again: Oakley Graces “This Is 40” Sequel Film, Dropping On Christmas


    Posted over 1 year ago by Andrew De Lara

    Admit it. You loved the movie Knocked Up. And you got fully warm and fuzzy as your soda shot out of your nostrils from the sheer comedy and romantic undertone. We know. Well get pumped, because the sequel, This is 40, is dropping on Christmas. And it’s laced with Oakley flavor, of course. As Pete and Debbie carry on with their own lives a few years after the events of the original flick – and run into the crisis of turning 40 years old – Pete, played by the ever-funny Paul Rudd, rocks his full on cycling kit. And we all know that it’s not a world class cycling kit without Oakley eyewear.

  • A Month In Photos: November 2012


    Posted over 1 year ago by John Ohail

    Winter is ramping up and the alpine ski racing scene is in full swing. Meanwhile surfers still chase the best swells around the world and racing championships are abound in NASCAR, Formula 1 and more. November 2012 was a great month for Oakley athletes. Check out some of the best photos of the month across a number of different sport disciplines.

  • Oakley and OneSight Team Up to Give the Gift of Sight to Elementary School Kids in Santa Ana, Calif.


    Posted over 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    The dark-haired fifth grader can’t believe what she’s seeing. Well, actually, April Garnica can’t believe what she wasn’t seeing just minutes prior. Bob Burnquist, the legendary big air skateboarder, is kneeling at the girl’s side, beaming as she pulls her black-framed eyeglasses away from her eyes and then puts them back on. The difference is stunning. She looks around the auditorium, surrounded by other Martin Elementary School kids who are going through the same eye tests she did earlier in the day. She reads signs and notices details that were previously blurry. Burnquist, who delivered the glasses to April as part of the OneSight program, has helped to give her the gift of sight.

  • Oakley Airwave™ Goggle Fuses Performance Optics with Revolutionary Technology


    Posted over 1 year ago by Danny Evans

    When your teachers and scientists used to describe what would be possible in the future, Airwave is what they were talking about.