Oakley innovations are tested along the entire journey from design concept to final product. From world-class athletes who endure the harshest environments to kids who challenge gravity and sanity, our inventions are put to the test by those who revel in product abuse. We test the limits of performance so you can test the limits of possibility.

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  • Oakley Women's Field Testing Gets Gnarly

    Ragnar Relay

    Posted about 3 years ago by Bessie McIntosh

    Wasatch Ragnar 2011….Ragnie, Rad, Ragnar, Gnarly, Nar, Ragnar. After experiencing one of the most high endurance relay races in the west, these are the words that came pouring out of my mouth after myself and 11 teammates relayed 191 miles over the beautiful mountaintops of northeastern Utah!

  • Oakley Gore Pants get Tested in Chamonix, France


    Posted about 3 years ago by Mark Shelp

    It’s too damned warm in Europe. Chamonix has been in the perfect afternoon thunderstorm pattern for weeks, but freezing lines have been up to 3500 meters, sometimes even higher. Its hard to sit in this 15 square-meter apartment and listen to the rainslap outside without dreaming of ankle-deep turns over some exposed objective hazard.

  • Spring Skiing In Oakley's Gore Windstopper Jackets


    Posted about 3 years ago by Mark Shelp

    Will someone call Spring and find out where the hell she went? These wintery powder squalls have meant some pretty classic Eastern Sierra skiing. When the clouds break, it’s powder above 11,000 – and corn to the car.

  • 3rd Round Testing for Prototype Goggle

    End of April Snow

    Posted about 3 years ago by Jessie Anderson

    Lucky for Oakley Field Testing Snowbird Utah decided to break the 700 inch snow mark during our goggle trip the last week of April.

  • An Outsiders Perspective

    Mammoth Mountains

    Posted about 3 years ago by Brian Carlin

    Mammoth Mountain in Northern California hosted the first take on Oakley’s winter apparel launch for 2012. A resort that offers a wide variety of terrain for all levels of skiers and boarders alike and from the outside looking in, a trip like this may seem all play and no work, when in reality, it’s much more work than play.