Oakley innovations are tested along the entire journey from design concept to final product. From world-class athletes who endure the harshest environments to kids who challenge gravity and sanity, our inventions are put to the test by those who revel in product abuse. We test the limits of performance so you can test the limits of possibility.

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  • Field Testing in Chamonix, France

    Chamonix Valley

    Posted over 2 years ago by Mark Shelp

    I’ve heard it said that it’s all about maximizing performance. Whether you’re skiing, surfing, cycling or golfing – each of us inherently wants to improve. Improve not only our results, but our enjoyment of the things we love.

  • Super fun week testing during the 3rd annual Punta Sayulita Longboard & SUP Classic

    Jenny Kalmbach

    Posted over 2 years ago by Jenny Kalmbach

    Back from Mexico after a super fun week for the 3rd annual Punta Sayulita Longboard & SUP classic!

  • Oakley Ambassador Women's Testing Hits Laguna


    Posted over 2 years ago by DeAnn Teixeira

    This past weekend Oakley hosted the 1st annual Oakley Perform Beautifully Ambassador Testing Trip in sunny Laguna Beach. The four-day event brought together women of Oakley; staff, professional athletes Kristi Leskinen and Amber Wing, the Perform Beautifully Ambassadors, the newly appointed Sports Marketing Ambassadors, as well as ESPNW. The hope? To discuss the continued growth of the Oakley women’s product line and put the Spring 2013 Women’s Training Line to the Test.

  • Perform Beautifully Ambassador Testing Trip

    Women's Field Testing

    Posted over 2 years ago by Amber Wing

    I am really excited about the Oakley Women’s Field Testing this weekend, flying in from Sydney Australia it is going to be a great event.

  • Canopy Goggle Goes Through Final Round of Field Testing


    Posted over 2 years ago by Ephraim Learned

    In this upside-down winter of 2011/12, Oakley Field Testing Team’s latest mission was to find enough snow to put the new oversized framed/lens goggle, The Canopy, through its final round of Field Testing..