1st Place - Haunted House section submitted by IT

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November 04, 2009


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Band STRAIGHT 78 Keyborads Vince Portillo Lead is Rob Gallas costumes 1 costumes 2 costumes 4 costumes 5 costumes 6 costumes 7 costumes 8 crowd FUNNY 1st bill and ted most funnly winner scott and Jeremy havlik FUNNY 2nd Chrita Delaparra FUNNY 3rd Jenny Boeslenger haunted house 1 haunted house winner IT ORIG 1st Suzi Most original S--- hit the fan ORIG 2nd Sean ORIG 3rd White Gold Jamie Oman Winner pie eating contest pumpkin 3 pumpkins 1 pumpkins 2 SCARY 1st Byron Ferrise SCARY 2nd Vince 2 SCARY 3rd Clint as Butcher winning pumpkin design IMG_5733